The Caesar Center is the clearing house for many outreach activities.

  • ACM High School Programming Contest – April each year
    The ACM High School Programming Contest is hosted every April, bringing together a team of students to solve problems using their favorite programming language.  The team that completes the most problems in the shortest amount of time wins the competition.  https://contest.acm.bw.edu
  • RITE Board Programming Camp – July each year
    BW is a founding partner of the Regional Information Technology Engagement Board (RITE).   RITE is the leading industry-driven regional IT workforce alliance in Northest Ohio.  RITE sponsors a Programming Camp which is hosted at BW in July.  https://ohiorite.com
  • InfraGard Cyber Camp – July
    The Northeast Ohio Chapter of the InfraGard organization is a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector.  The InfraGard chapter will sponsor a Cyber Camp which will be hosted at BW in July.  https://mcs.bw.edu/cybercamp